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The Third Branch

The third branch to be established was Burnside, whose petition, signed 14 February 1956, was approved at the 20 February 1956 committee meeting. Two of the original members (who became life members of the club), Mick Auld and Joe Stevens, were instrumental in bringing together a group of friends who met at the Richmond Hotel on 14 February 1956 and resolved to form a new club, the Burnside Club, with the northern boundary being the Parade, the western boundary Portrush Road, and the eastern and southern boundaries being the foothills. The five petitioners were Mick Auld, a vigneron, Henry Martin, a winemaker, Dick Clark, a secretary, Joe Stevens, a manager, and Peter Osborn, a brewer. It was the third club to be formed. The President was Joe Stevens, the manager of S Smith & Sons (Yalumba), the Winemaster Mick Auld, vigneron, the managing director of H M Martin & Son Ltd (Stonyfell), committee members Henry M Martin, winemaker (Stoneyfell) and Dick Clark (Secretary, Thomas Hardy) and Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Peter W Osborn, chief assistant to the Head Brewer at Southwark Brewery. Of the the five, R D (Dick) Clark, the founder of the Beefsteak and Burgundy Club, Peter Osborn and Joe Stevens, were also members of the foundation club, Adelaide.

Increase in Member Numbers

The numbers soon grew and Mr John Evans, the manager of the National Mutual Life Association in South Australia became the second President, Lance Pellew, president of the State Industrial Court, the Vice-President. Mick Auld remained as Winemaster and John Minks as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer. It was established as a male-only luncheon club, initially attracting (largely) people associated with the wine industry, and meals generally consisted of a steak and salad accompanied by a glass or two of red wine. However, John Minks was Foodmaster in June 1961 when he served squid and kangaroo as the dishes at the club lunch at the Da Costa Restaurant. The menu was not revealed until comments were called for with many thinking the kangaroo was venison or veal. The Winemaster, Mick Auld, accompanied the courses with a German Moselle Bernkastler Braunes and a 1948 Wendouree Claret from Clare. Records of the early years, and particularly of the 60s, are scarce, and sadly these members have passed away, but it is possible to piece together a sketchy scenario of this period. After an early base at the Imperial Hotel, and later the RSL Club in Angas St, lunches were enjoyed at the Feathers Hotel, which opened in the late 1960s. Evening functions, to which partners were invited, became popular, and were generally held at Christmas and in July, often at prestigious venues. The roles of Foodmaster and Winemaster were crucial, with the Foodmaster arranging venues and menus, and the Winemaster providing wines to match.

The 1970s

The club has more comprehensive records of the 1970s, which reveal a club clinging to its all-male membership and luncheon format but widening its focus. Picnics at wineries and members' homes were held, and a wider range of venues attended - in the late 1970s venues included the Drumminor, Lotus, Maximillians, Granada Lodge and Ayers House restaurants. A wine cellar was created, albeit limited by current standards, and regular winery visits and club bottlings were held. However, a members' poll held in 1979 showed a strong preference to retain all-male membership rules, and a core of luncheon meetings held at a fixed venue.

The 1980s

In the early 1980s major changes occurred. The role of the Foodmaster was gradually abandoned, and responsibility for arranging dinners was handed over to members, resulting in a much more diverse range of food and venues. Dinner organisers also chose their own wines, with the responsibilities of the Winemaster changing to the management of the rapidly growing club cellar. In 1985 a new committee made the first of a number of major changes - members' partners were invited to attend all functions except the AGM, and they would become predominantly evening functions (this move was not without controversy, and several resignations occurred, but generally the changes were well received, and club membership has been at or near the maximum ever since). In 1988 membership was opened to women, and the Club became a mixed club, with the first female member joining in September 1988.

New Format 

A levy was introduced to assist in the growth of the cellar, and an annual trip away to a wine region on a May weekend became a regular event. Features such as the "Winetaster of the Year", the Nichol Trophy, awarded to the winner of a wine tasting held at the AGM, and the "Taster of the Month", awarded to the winner of a wine quiz held at the monthly dinner became established and popular features. This format still prevails. The Club has a Committee which meets monthly, consisting of a President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cellarmaster and four ordinary members, elected annually at the AGM. There are currently six active life members (awarded for long and distinguished service). Five Presidents out of the twenty-two since 1990 have been women, and currently, six members of the club are women. The current program is generally as follows: January, luncheon at a winery; February, dinner at a restaurant; March, Sunday luncheon hosted by the President, including taster of the year competition; April, restaurant lunch; May, a restaurant dinner; June, restaurant dinner; July, black tie gourmet dinner; August, the AGM held on a Saturday afternoon, including Nichol Trophy tasting; September a restaurant dinner; October a weekend wine trip; November, a restaurant lunch; and December, black tie Christmas function.

Club Presidents

2020s 2020/21  Ken Ridley 2021/22  Tony Scholefield 2022/23

2010s 2010/11  Bob Brinkworth 2011/12  Bob Brinkworth 2012/13  Lee Miller 2013/14  Lee Miller 2014/15  Tom Mittiga 2015/16  Tom Mittiga 2016/17  Dianne Betterman 2017/18  Vin Thomas 2018/19  Vin Thomas 2019/20  Ken Ridley

2000s 2000/01   2001/02  Bob Bowes 2002/03  Vin Thomas 2003/04  Darrol Fullgrabe 2004/05  Bob Brinkworth 2005/06  Tom Muecke 2006/07  John Swift 2007/08  Leone Scholefield 2008/09  Lorraine Curtis 2009/10  Bob Morton

1990s 1990/91  Darrol Fullgrabe 1991/92  Darrol Fullgrabe 1992/93  John Driscoll 1993/94  Vin Thomas 1994/95  Vin Thomas 1995/96  Chris Waples 1996/97  Chris Palumbo 1997/98  John Hutchins 1998/99  Leone Scholefield 1999/00  John Swift

1980s 1980/81 John English 1981/82  Ken Smith 1982/83  Bill Seppelt 1983/84  Gordon Vogan 1984/85  Peter Budini 1985/86  Grant Mackintosh 1986/87  Peter Baturin 1987/88  Peter Baturin 1988/89  Alan Steele 1989/90  Bob Bowes

1970s 1970/71  Howard Cohen 1971/72  Hal Lines 1972/73  Dick Rebbeck 1973/74  John Gibbs 1974/75  Noel Davey 1975/76  John Lawson 1976/77  Chris Heinrich 1977/78  Murray Perryman 1978/79  Roger MacMahon 1979/80  Wim Grothauzen

1960s 1960/61  Harry Graham-Sutton 1961/62  Henry Martin 1962/63  John Minks 1963/64  1964/65  Mick Auld 1965/66  Charles Mueller 1966/67  Kevin Kilcariff 1967/68  Colin Crompton 1968/69  Jim Trevivian 1969/70  Stan Minson

1950s 1956/57  Joe Stevens 1957/58  John Evans 1958/59  Lance Pellew 1959/60  John Kelly

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