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Membership Requirements

Classes of Membership
Subscriptions & Other Fees


The Burnside Beefsteak and Burgundy Club is open to anyone, male or female, of good repute. An application for membership must be on the prescribed form and requires sponsorship by any two members.


Members should advise the Club of any change in their details.

See Forms for details.

Classes of Membership

  • Ordinary Members - limit: 30

  • Provisional members - no limit

  • Life members - no limit

Subscriptions & Other Fees

Each year the Club charges:

Charge                                       $           Applicable to

Membership Subscription          40.00             Ordinary Members
                                                                             Provisional Members

Cellar Fee                                   120.00             Ordinary Members
                                                                             Provisional Members
                                                                             Life Members - Active
                                                         0.00             Life Members - Inactive

Total payable                              160.00             Ordinary Members

                                                     160.00             Provisional Members
                                                     120.00             Life Members - Active
                                                         0.00             Life Members - Inactive


The Committe will adjust these charges on a pro-rata basis for Ordinary Members and Provisional Members admitted later in the financial year.

Members who are unable to pay within one month of receiving an invoice for their Subscriptions and/or Cellar Fees should advise the Treasurer/Committe as soon as possible with their reasons.

Members who are more than two months in arrears and have not previously advised the Treasurer/Committee may be required to explain their delay in payment to the Treasurer/Committee, and may be liable to lose their membership.

Attendance at Functions

Members are expected to be active in the Club and should not miss more than three consecutive functions without acceptable reasons.

Members and their permanent partners are considered attendees at each function unless they apologise by the nominated deadline. If a member cannot attend a function, their partner is welcome to attend.

Members who will be absent for extended periods may apply for leave of absence.
Refer to Membership Forms below.

In extenuating circumstances, members and/or their partners who cannot attend functions regularly may be granted Committee approval to be considered Apologies at all functions unless they advise otherwise.
Refer to Membership Forms below.

Members' Partners

Members are entitled and encouraged to bring their partners to all normal Club functions.

  • The only general exception is the Annual General Meeting and its associated wine tasting.

Partners may be:

  • Permanent
    The Membership List contains the details of all members, their permanent partners and their attendance Status if either or both of them has been granted leave of absence or is an approved standing apology [A].

    Members and their permanent partners are considered attendees at each function unless they apologise before the nominated deadline.

    • If a member’s permanent partner cannot attend a function, the member may be accompanied by a substitute partner.

    • If a member cannot attend a function, their permanent partner may be accompanied by a substitute partner and they may bring guests

    It is the member’s duty to advise the Club of any change in their partner’s details, eg:

    • A change in attendance Status

    • Removal of an existing partner’s details (eg: due to separation or divorce)

    • Nomination of a new permanent partner’s details


  • Nominated
    Where a member has no permanent partner shown in the Membership List and wishes to be accompanied by a partner to a function the member may nominate a partner.

    The member must advise the function organisers of the attendance of such a partner before the nominated deadline.

    This is particularly important where:

    • The member wishes to take advantage of any reduced function fee or any other benefit that may apply to members’ partners for that function (eg: the Gourmet or Christmas dinners)

    • Seating limitations apply to guests



Members may bring guests to all normal Club functions, unless otherwise specified.

  • The only general exception is the Annual General Meeting and its associated wine tasting.

Where there is a limit on numbers for any reason, seats will be allocated first to members and their partners, then to guests in order of the time of the member’s advice being received by the function organisers.

Guests who become regular attendees at Club functions (eg: more than three functions in six months) are expected to apply for membership of the Club.

Specific Function Requirements

Members: please remember that it is your duty to advise the Hosts by the nominated deadline if:

  • You are bringing a nominated partner who is not listed in the Membership List

  • You are bringing any guests

  • You and/or your partner and/or any previously nominated guests cannot be present (an apology)

  • You and/or your partner are an approved standing Apology but wish to attend the function

  • You and/or your partner and/or your guests have any special dietary requirements

You will be charged for the non-attendance of yourself and/or your partner and/or your previously nominated guests if you have not apologised before the nominated deadline, unless there are exceptional circumstances acceptable to the Committee, eg: accident, sudden illness, etc.


The Committee

The Club is governed by the Committee consisiting the following:

  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Immediate Past President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Cellarmaster

  • Membership Director

  • 4 - 6 Committee members

and such sub-committees as the Committee may appoint from time to time.


The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is normally held in August of each year.

Only members (including provisional members) may attend (no partners or guests) and normal attendance rules apply.

Voting: Each full members and life member may exercise one vote on each and any resolution put to the AGM.

The AGM is accompanied by the David Nichol Nichol Memorial Trophy taste off, together with an adventurous wine tasting competition.


Wine Competitions

The Club organises wine competitions which are normally open to all members, their partners and guests. Members and, occasionally, partners and guests, may be nominated to speak on one or more of the wines.

  • All normal functions. These are self assessed and a medal is presented to the winning member or partner

  • The Wine Taster of the Year. This is normally held in conjuction with the Presidents Function in March. A perpetual trophy is presented to the winning member (the Murray Perryman Trophy), to the winning partner of a member (the Associates Trophy) and suitable award to the winning guest.

  • The David Nichol Memorial Trophy. This is for members only and is normally held in conjuction with the AGM in August. The tasting is four wines selected by the previous year's winner. A perpetual trophy is presented to the Winning member.

  • The AGM Wine Tasting. This is in addition to the Nichol Trophy. A medal is presented to the winning member.

Organising Functions

The Committee nominate members to prepare and run various functions each year, normally selecting two members for each function. In choosing members, it is normal to select at least one member who has had experience in running such a function before.

Members will be given plenty of advance notice of any functions that they are requested to conduct. If at any time it becomes imposible for a members to take part in conducting a nominated function, it is important to give as much notice as possible to both:

  • the other member conducting that function; and

  • the Club Secretary


Dress Code

Suit, or jacket and tie, (please wear the B&B tie or scarf!), unless otherwise specified.

Attendance at Functions
Members' Partners
Special Function Requirements
The Committee
Wine Competitions
Organising Functions
Dress Code
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